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OSVS & The Community

Ocean State Veterinary Specialists And The Community

Affordable Pet Care For Every Owner

OSVS strives to make veterinary care affordable for every pet owner, but sadly, many pet owners simply cannot afford such care. In an effort to assist some of these owners and help keep these pets as part of their family, OSVS administers a number of assistance funds which are designed to provide financial support to clients in need. OSVS and its staff do not use any of this money for administrative costs; all donated funds go directly toward patient care.

Ocean State Veterinary Specialists And The Community

The Paris Fund

Named by its founder after their own pet, a cute little dog whose owner wanted to help pet owners who could not afford veterinary care. This fund is used to help clients who have done all they can financially for their pet, but for whom a small amount of assistance could make a difference.

The John Montanaro Oncology Fund

This fund was established following the untimely death of Rhode Island native, John Montanaro III. John’s legacy of generosity and concern for animals was forged after his own pet was diagnosed and treated for cancer at OSVS. John sadly passed away from leukemia at 19 years of age but donations to this fund will help make cancer care more affordable for some of the patients seen by our oncology service.

Ocean State Veterinary Specialists And The Community

The John Montanaro Memorial Garden was completed in the fall of 2011 and was dedicated in the spring of 2012. It is a quiet place for owners to sit and reflect when they have a pet being treated at OSVS or to grieve following the loss of a beloved family pet.

Ocean State Veterinary Specialists And The Community

Individuals interested in having an engraved memorial brick with their pet’s name in the memorial garden should contact Ms. Linda Adams at 886-6787. The donation of $150 for the brick will go directly to the John Montanaro Oncology Fund. The engraved bricks will be placed in the garden walk at least twice yearly.

The Companion Animal Foundation (CAF)

The CAF was founded 10 years ago to help low-income pet owners whose pets require veterinary care. This is a tax deductible, IRS-recognized non-profit organization that has helped care for and treat hundreds of animals who otherwise would have gone without care or been euthanized. Donations are distributed to veterinarians who are members of the Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association for them to use at their discretion and based on fund availability.

Ocean State Veterinary Specialists And The Community

The CAF is not administered by OSVS. To donate or for eligibility information please visit www.companionanimalfoundation.org/ or call 401-521-PETS (7387).