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A Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists

Ocean State Veterinary Specialists is one of the premier veterinary facilities in the country. Because we have specialists in almost every discipline, state-of-the-art equipment, 24-hour care, and a large caseload, OSVS is an ideal facility for training veterinarians who want to gain extra skills or pursue specialization.

What Is an Intern?

OSVS has a well-established internship program. Interns are graduates of veterinary school and are fully licensed veterinarians. Unlike in human medicine, internships are not required for veterinarians. Most veterinary graduates choose to go straight into practice, but some are interested in gaining more experience managing patients with serious acute and chronic illnesses. An internship allows them to work with these patients under the supervision of board-certified specialists and very experienced emergency doctors. Because of the excellent reputation of our internship program, OSVS receives applications from all across the country. Applicants enter into a competitive "match" system and are selected based on their academic achievements and clinical performance.

Interns may have primary case responsibility for patients, but all patients managed at OSVS are managed by a team of professionals. Interns have support from the senior doctors at all times. They are given minimal responsibilities early in their training year, and this increases as their skills and proficiency increase. At OSVS, we are extremely proud of the doctors who have completed our training program, many of whom have gone on to residencies and become board-certified specialists themselves. We often hire them on as permanent members of our emergency staff because we are so confident in their training.

In addition to working with patients in an educational setting, the interns also attend daily case rounds with the emergency/critical care and medicine departments, weekly teaching rounds on a broad range of medical and surgical topics, and give lectures to our nursing staff throughout the year.

AAHA LogoOcean State Veterinary Specialists is one of only a few internship programs in the Northeast that has been certified by the American Animal Hospital Association as meeting the standards of a high quality educational program.

William Dundon, DVM


Lauren Baral, BVetMed, MRCVS


Ariel Carlson


Sydney Davis, DVM


Molly Lawry, DVM


Michael Merkhassine, DVM


Meagan Wheatley, DVM


Natalie Rosenstein, DVM


Jessika Louissaint, DVM


Meredith Gumash, DVM



A Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists

What Is a Resident?

Ocean State Veterinary Specialists has residency programs for emergency/critical care and surgery. Residents are fully licensed veterinarians. They have completed at least one internship program prior to applying for residency. Residents are selected from a pool of highly qualified applicants based on their academic achievements and their clinical performance during their internship. Only a small fraction of those applying for residencies obtain one.

Residents spend three years at OSVS immersed in training in their area of specialization. In addition to managing complicated and challenging cases under the supervision of our specialists, the residents play a large role in supervising and training our interns. Residents participate in daily case rounds and weekly didactic rounds. Residents must also complete a research project and publish a paper in a high-quality veterinary journal.

By the end of the three-year program, the resident is prepared to sit for the certifying examination with their specialty college (ACVS or ACVECC). Upon successful completion of the examination, they are awarded board-certification status and are specialists in their area of expertise. We are proud to have trained multiple specialists in the areas of emergency/critical care and surgery.

Samuel Dicker

Samuel Dicker, DVM

Dr. Dicker is originally from Long Island, NY. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology at Skidmore College in 2012. He graduated from Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2015. He then completed a rotating small animal internship in medicine and surgery at Garden State Veterinary Specialists in New Jersey. Dr. Dicker joined OSVS in 2016 as a 3-year resident in Emergency and Critical Care. His special interests include point-of-care ultrasonography, trauma, respiratory distress, cardiac emergencies, and teaching. During his spare time, Dr. Dicker enjoys cooking (especially grilling), playing golf, and is an avid guitar player.

Jessica Sun, DVM

Emergency/Critical Care Resident Resident

Russell White

Russell White, DVM

Dr. White is a California native who moved with his dog Malcolm to New England to train at OSVS to become a veterinary surgeon. Dr. White studied ecology and music at University of California in San Diego before attending veterinary school at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA. After graduating in 2016, Dr. White completed a rotating small animal internship at the VCA Emergency Animal Hospital & Referral Center in San Diego, CA. He then joined the OSVS surgery team in 2017 for a 3-year surgical residency program. Outside of the hospital, Dr. White enjoys his hobbies of cooking, playing music (mostly piano), and crafting with blown glass and metal.

Marielle LeFloch, DVM

Surgical Resident

Other Educational Programs

At OSVS, there is a constant focus on continuing education. In-house lectures, labs, and discussion sessions are offered on a frequent basis to provide new information and skills for our technician staff, our emergency doctors, and our interns and residents. In addition, the specialists at OSVS regularly provide continuing education lectures for area veterinarians, and some of our doctors visit area hospitals to provide training for doctors and technicians in general practice. Students from veterinary schools across the country come to OSVS to complete clinical externships. The atmosphere of continual learning and teaching helps to keep all of the staff committed to staying current with advances in veterinary medicine.