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Veterinary Soft-Tissue Procedures

Dr. Dave Sweet
Dr. Dave Sweet

The board-certified surgeons at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists have completed advanced continuing education in order to remain abreast of the latest advances in soft-tissue surgical techniques and peri-operative care. We work cooperatively with the referring veterinarian to assess and treat a wide variety of soft-tissue conditions.

Soft-Tissue Surgical Procedures Include (but are not limited to):

  • Upper airway surgery—Brachycephalic syndrome, laryngeal paralysis, tracheostomy, tumor removal, trauma repair, tracheal stenting procedures
  • Thoracic surgery—Cardiovascular problems including patent ductus arteriosus ligation, cardiac tumor removal, lung tumor removal, abscess drainage/removal, trauma repair, lung lobe torsion removal
  • Abdominal surgery—Gastric dilatation and volvulus repair, gastrointestinal obstruction (foreign body retrieval), intra-abdominal tumor removal, hernia repair, portosystemic shunt attenuation, bladder stone removal, urethrostomy, stenting procedures, cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal), peritonitis management
  • Surgery of the skin (tumor removal, management of dermatologic problems) and wound reconstruction (including skin flaps and skin grafts)
  • Ear surgery
Soft Tissue Surgery at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists

As with all surgeries at OSVS, soft-tissue surgery patients receive a complete pre-operative assessment; benefits of continuous monitoring equipment, a pro-active, multi-modal approach to pain management; and 24-hour post-operative monitoring and care by our emergency/critical care doctors and highly trained technicians.

Ocean State Veterinary Specialists is committed to providing high quality, specialized pet care. If you believe your pet may benefit from our surgery services, please speak with your family veterinarian about a referral.

The Soft-Tissue Surgeons at OSVS: