Ocean State Veterinary Specialists

What to Expect When You Bring Your Pet to the OSVS Emergency Service

What to Expect in an Emergency Situation

We appreciate a call if you are planning to bring your pet to OSVS. This helps us to plan procedures and surgeries so as not to tie up critical staff members when emergencies are on the way.

We triage every pet as soon as it arrives. If the pet is found to be in critical need of medical attention, the pet is treated immediately. Pets that are assessed to be stable are seen by the doctors in the order that they arrive. We do our very best to keep the waiting to a minimum, but like every emergency room, there are busy times when there may be a wait.

Your primary care veterinarian will receive a copy of the entire medical record, as well as phone and fax updates throughout the care of your pet. This ensures that your veterinarian is able to help you to make decisions and that coordinated follow-up care can be provided.

Emergency Care Payment

Emergency care must be paid for at the time service is rendered. The costs associated with emergency services at OSVS are likely higher than those you have experienced at your regular veterinary clinic. This is due to the high overhead associated with operating a 24-hour hospital.

During your consultation, you will be presented with treatment options and the costs will be discussed. The doctor will help you to decide on a course of therapy that works best for your family. If your pet is admitted to the hospital, a detailed estimate will be generated and you will be asked to leave a deposit.

For more information about the care provided to patients admitted for hospitalization at OSVS, please visit our Emergency and Critical Care Department page.